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What makes Syreni unique?

“It’s time for a bikini that empowers women to be active and healthy while still feeling beautiful”


Being a bikini line created by an athletic swimmer, the ability to move and be active in the water is our highest priority.


 We are bringing the “athleisure” movement to swimwear, introducing a no-clasps, no-ties, no-hardware promise to ensure ultimate comfort and the least amount of hassle.


We are taking the newest swimwear material to market from Italy, including selected recycled fabrics. All bikinis are Made In The USA.



A Message From the Founder,
Katie McCabe

Hello, my name is Katie and I’m the founder of Syreni. I never imagined that I would start my own company, but after feeling frustrated about the design of female swimwear for so long, it was time to take matters into my own hands.

Syreni is a new type of bikini that will change the way women move and feel in the water. The unique construction of the bikini empowers women to confidently chase the waves without the fear of losing their bottoms. Syreni is the perfect combination of high fashion design with unbeatable function.

“Changing the way you move and feel in the water”

More importantly, Syreni is a body-positive brand. It is our goal is to shift the focus from being labeled as “skinny” or “fat” to active and healthy.

Fun Fact: You have more of a chance of being struck by lightning than having the measurements of a runway model.

When I was 18 years old, my identical twin sister Meg was signed with the top modeling agency in NYC. On the other hand, I was rejected because I was one inch too big around the hips and waist. I was told to lose weight, but not to exercise because I would look “too athletic.” As a result, I struggled for several years with an eating disorder. Almost inevitably, Meg also suffered from an eating disorder and quit modeling a year later.

story eating disorder pic

“It’s time for a bikini that empowers women to be active and healthy”

Looking back, what confuses me most is how I hated my athletic appearance. I was a healthy, toned teenage girl who was striving to look skinny and frail.

This is why Syreni is so important. It’s time for a bikini that empowers women to be active and healthy while still feeling beautiful. I encourage you to share your stories with me by emailing The more we can share, the closer we can come to changing body image standards.

A portion of all Syreni proceeds will be donated to support women with eating disorders.


“I’ve been a competitive swimmer my whole life and I’ve been waiting for a bikini that combines fashion and function! So excited for the Syreni Kickstarter.”


- Erin Hughes

“Syreni swimwear is going to change the athleisure industry.”


- Rachelle Rafes

When are you guys launching Syreni?

We are aiming for Spring 2017, just in time for bikini season.

How do I apply for an internship at Syreni?

Email with your most up to date resume and a few paragraphs about yourself.

How do I preorder?

Please submit your email address to us on your homepage and you will be notified immediately when the Bikinis are for sale.

I am an interested investor or PR representative, who do I contact?

Please email

Have questions? Email us at

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